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Creating the Perfect Complementary Collage for Your Source Image

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In this post, I’ll be presenting a new experimental process of mine for creating detailed, vivid dreams. I’ve developed these steps over time to help me maximize the visual impact of my dreams and all but ensure an extremely high level of visual synergy between source and style. I’m hoping that a closer look into my process will give you a few new ideas to integrate into your own approach. I hope you’ll agree that this […]

Text to Image Generator

AI expert Cristóbal Valenzuela builds machine learning and AI tools for artists and designers. He programmed a simple text-to-image generator that you can call up under the link above. Open the website and type a text into a window on the left. Next, as you type, the corresponding image takes shape in the window on the right. In the background, the recognition algorithms create images – nightmare images – out of your words. Unfortunately, the […]

Bulk Downloader

Bulk download your dreams. For Windows *only*. Mac and Linux users – try the advanced version of this tutorial here:

Tailoring a Style to Fit Using a Color Histogram

There are a variety of reasons why a style image doesn’t work with a source image. One of the most common is that the two images are composed of very different color palettes and/or luminescence values. We will show how that can be corrected using a ‘Histogram’.

Inverted Reflection Style Image Tutorial

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By Daniel W. Prust One reason a style image you like may not be working for your source image is that it the style image does not posses the same range of colors and/or light vs dark areas as the source image does. As simple solution is to perform an inverted reflection on the style image using an app such as Photo Reflection. Adjust the length of the inverted portion depending on how much […]

Style Image Overlay Tutorial

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Style Image Overlay: A fun way to get a new effect from your favorite style images is to use a free app like Photoshop Mix to layer two or more different style images over each other using the various “Blend” modes.

Intro to Frax