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Author: Daniel Prust

Water Drops Style Challenge 2021

Use these images as styles (or sources, if you prefer) for your dreams! Feel free to edit/manipulate the images how you see fit, they are all Free-to-Use images. Share your results in the comment of the Facebook post and feel free to Tag your Dreams on the site with #DeepDreamers, #DDGchallenge, and/or #DeepDreamersFacebookGroup. Enjoy!         Collages/Remixes by Daniel W. Prust:          

Background vs Foreground, Bird Source Challenge

This #DDGchallenge is an exercise in differentiating background from foreground while using style transfer. All of these birds have distinctly different colors and lighting in their backgrounds. Find or create a style image with matching lighting/shading/colors that capitalize on the distinction. This can be done as simply as searching through potential styles for the right colors. Here are some places to browse: Or by finding two (or more) different styles that appropriately match the foreground […]

Inverted Reflection Style Image Tutorial

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By Daniel W. Prust One reason a style image you like may not be working for your source image is that it the style image does not posses the same range of colors and/or light vs dark areas as the source image does. As simple solution is to perform an inverted reflection on the style image using an app such as Photo Reflection. Adjust the length of the inverted portion depending on how much […]