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Author: Irene Muehldorf

NeuralStyler 2.0


NeuralStyler uses AI to convert videos, GIFs or photos into artwork using a handful of styles of famous artists such as Van Gogh. You can create your own styles (train the neural network with styles of your own or contribute styles). Download NeuralStyler for Windows or Linux. Apparently, rendering is very slow (see article at


Moonlighting icons painnt 200x200@2x

Painnt is a neural image enhancer app produced by Moonlighting Apps LLC (an apps publisher based in Cordoba, Argentina). Painnt is available in a free and paid version for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The free version limits output resolution, has ads and adds a watermark, plus you can choose from a library of some 1,000 styles. Over 2,000 styles are available to subscribers, or you can use custom styles. For the paid version, every […]

Online Fractal Creator


This site allows you to turn any image into a fractal or hyperbolic tiling (see image). The program is probably a little rudimentary compared to some of the fractal programs out there, but it’s easy to use and web-browser based. Firefox may be required for some features. Image Fractals – Hyperbolic Tilings – The site also has several more conventional fractal creators, but I recommend a more robust program if you’re looking for more features.

Blue Vertigo


This website is a great central resource organizing links to hundreds of websites offering free or paid material by theme: stock photos, stock videos, vector images, mockups, fonts, etc. Can’t remember what wallpaper site you visited a few months ago where you found good PD styles, or where you wanted to check those free source images? Try browsing Blue Vertigo to find the site.

Fotor and Fotor GoART


Fotor is an online image editor, collage maker and design creator. The basic functions are free. What’s interesting for Deep Dreamers: The GoArt part of the site allows for easy AI style transfer. Simply upload a photo and apply one of over 30 predefined styles. Next, adjust the intensity of style transfer to the resulting image with a simple slider. Finally, download the image if you like. Unfortunately, the free version puts a big watermark […]

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