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Background vs Foreground, Bird Source Challenge

This #DDGchallenge is an exercise in differentiating background from foreground while using style transfer. All of these birds have distinctly different colors and lighting in their backgrounds. Find or create a style image with matching lighting/shading/colors that capitalize on the distinction. This can be done as simply as searching through potential styles for the right colors. Here are some places to browse:

Or by finding two (or more) different styles that appropriately match the foreground and background of the source and then collaging them together. Or by pasting one on the other using apps such as Photoshop (Photoshop Mix on mobile), gimp, etc. Here are some Collage Creators:

Or it can be done as complexly as creating a whole new style from scratch using apps such as: Frax, Spektral, Silk, Chaotica, Mandelbulb, etc. Or maybe an original painting/drawing/photograph! Or maybe a combination of all of the above!! Here are some Digital Painting Programs: and Fractal Art Programs:

You may also edit the source photos as you see fit to adapt or exaggerate the colors to match your style using apps such as Photoshop (Photoshop Express on mobile). Here are some Image Editors:

Be creative and have fun!

Here’s a link to ALL of our Apps and Online Tools that we have listed, described, and linked on our Wiki to help with this challenge:

Here are some examples:

Peter Barlow:

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Example 1


Daniel W. Prust:

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Example 2

HERE ARE THE CC0 (public domain, found on Unsplash) SOURCES TO CHOOSE FROM:

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Option 1


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Option 2


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Option 3


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Option 4


Img 9022
Option 5


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Option 6


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Option 7


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Option 8


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Option 9


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Option 10


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Option 11