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BeFunky Collage Tutorial

This tutorial builds on Peter Barlow’s Deep Dreamers post on how to use the BeFunky Collage Maker for enhancing individual fractal images. Use the collage maker to create collages with various layouts from images you select from folders on your computer.

To use the collage maker, go to Next, upload the style images you wish to collage by clicking on the first icon in the left sidebar – the mountain icon. This will call up two green buttons. Click on the computer button on the left to upload images from your computer or on the button on the right with the three dots to upload  images from BeFunky, stock images or images from Facebook (figure 1).

Figure 1

Next, choose a grid by clicking on the third icon in the navigation bar (the one with the rectangle and two squares). You have a choice of using the collage wizard, creating your own layout or choosing from one of the layouts features in the scroll menu (figure 2).

Figure 2

Select a layout option that fits your purpose. Note that you may also choose a layout marked with a star if you use the paid version of BeFunky. There are plenty of options for free use, however, such as those shown in figure 3.

Figure 3

Once you’ve selected a layout, simply drag and drop your uploaded images into that spot in the grid where you want them. Right-click on an image in the grid to edit it – to rotate, flip and/or increase its size. Unfortunately, you can’t smooth or feather the edges of the collage, at least not if you’re using the free version.

To get rid of the white space between the images in the grid, click on customize (the icon with the three lines and symbolic slider buttons) and set spacing to zero (figure 4). You can customize other features as well – such as the height and width of the collage given in pixels.

Figure 4

Tip: Another method to adjust the height and width of the collage is to drag the spacing buttons and bars that frame the entire collage. As you drag one of these elements, you will see the width/height pixel numbers changing in the left sidebar.

Once you’re happy with your collage, click on the save button on the top navigation bar and select your preferred option. Figure 5 shows the option save to computer, which also allows you to increase or decrease image quality (and thus file size) and choose between png and jpg file formats. Finally, give your file a name and click save.

Figure 5

By default, the image will be saved to your downloads folder. However, you can change the download location settings by clicking on the instruction link in the pop-up window that appears on dowloading (figure 6) and following the steps described.

Figure 6

Now your collage is ready to use for dreaming – enjoy!

Figure 7

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