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The Belvedere museum is the first museum in Austria to provide open access to parts of its collection online. About half the items in the collection are available in high resolution. So you’re free to download, share and remix any of these CC0 images without restriction.

4402 2015 2The works include a few fascinating paintings by Austrian artists like Gustav Klimt, Albin Egger-Lienz and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. But you also have open access to works by other famous artists, such as Auguste Rodin or Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Downloading is a bit tricky: To download an open-content image, select the image by clicking on it. This will open a page with the image and information. Next, click on the image itself to open a download view. Click on the download icon at the bottom right and select “Private Nutzung”. Now the image will download in high resolution.

Have fun dreaming with these images!