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Bulk Downloader

Beginner Tutorial – Bulk Download Your Deep Dreams

Daniel Zamir programmed the bulk downloader for the Deep Dreamers Facebook group members. The bulk downloader allows you to download all your images from DDG automatically.

To use the bulk downloader, first click on to download. As soon as you click on the path, a window will open asking you to choose between opening the file (figure 1).

Bd figure 1

or saving the file (figure 2).

Bd figure 2

Both options are viable.

Click either one to open a window with the zip file (figure 3).

Bd figure 3

Unzip and save. To start the downloader, open the files and look for the folder “distr” (figure 4).

Bd figure 4

Double-click on “distr” and the folder “run” will open (figure 5).

Bd figure 5

Double-click on run and select “run.exe” from the long list of files you now see (figure 6).

Bd figure 6

To start the downloader, click on run.exe.

Tip: Create a shortcut to “run.exe” on your desktop by right-clicking on the file name and selecting “send to” in the pop-up window and “desktop (create shortcut)” (figure 7).

Bd figure 7

Be patient, starting the generator takes a while. A black code window will open (figure 8).

Bd figure 8

Next, a second window in which you have to enter your e-mail address, DDG password, DDG user ID will open (figure 9).

Bd figure 9

Enter your credentials in the empty fields: 1) your DDG login e-mail address, 2) your DDG login password, 3) your DDG user ID (; the XXXXX can be a series of numbers or a name).

Then, under Image Path, click on “Select Path” and in the window that pops up (figure 10), choose the folder on your computer to which you want want the images to be downloaded.

Bd figure 10

Next, copy the “Chromedriver.exe” file from downloads (figure 11) into the location “C:\”.

Bd figure 11

Then, returning to the second window (figure 9), under Driver Path, click on “Select Path” and select “C:\” . Now click “Download” and let the bulk downloader do the rest!

On request from some group members, the bulk downloader was updated to take a custom number of pages (from one particular page to a range of pages).