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Upload a photo to this website to generate an anonymized portrait imagined by StyleGan. These portraits may be used in the social media. You may generate 50 images a month for free in low resolution (512 x 512 jpg) and for personal use. A citation and link to Generated Photos are required. On the same website, you can generate nonexistent persons – and apply parameters such as age, mood, skin and hair color.


Open AI’s new AI facility is currently (May 2022) still unavailable to users, but It promises to be a milestone in text-to-image generation. If you’re a fan of other text-to-image generators, you might consider exploring the website and joining the waiting list! The website does not show yet whether the pricing model for DALL·E 1 will apply to DALL·E 2 as well.

Luminar AI

Download a free trial version (Windows and macOS application and plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom) of LuminarAI for seven days to AI-augment your base images, style images, or finished dreams. Fairly easy to use on any images. You can download the resulting high-resolution images. Below is a DDG-dreamed tulip with and without enhancement using Luminar:


For a compilation of all sites that use generative adversarial networks to produce images of a certain category – for example real estate or cats –  go to You might find one or the other site useful for source or style images, who knows? Six-legged horses? Have fun playing around. If you want to use an image for dreaming, you’ll probably have to increase its resolution first.

AIArtists: Tools to Generate AI Art

AI Artists calls itself “the world’s first clearinghouse for AI’s impact on art and culture.” The site offers a truly comprehensive collection of AI-related material, including AI ethics discussions, a listing of AI artists, and a valuable compilation of tools to generate AI Art. The AI tool links are sure to become your go-to place to expand your horizon beyond – or within – DDG. This site covers not only the world of pictorial art, […]

GIMP Transparent Images

This article will cover the basics of adding transparent .png images to background images in GIMP. Once you have mastered this technique, you will be able to create your own unique source images by combining backgrounds with selected transparent images from sites like Pixabay. To start, choose a background image. In my example, I use a photograph I made of a beach at sunset: Next, choose a suitable transparent image to layer onto your background. […]


Kaleider is a progam that lets you create nearly limitless kaleidoscope, 3D mirroring and funneling effects in images. You may choose any image on your computer to work with. Kaleider is available for windows (download the free trial version here) and as a free android app. Some good advice: To get the most out of Kaleider, read about the program’s myriad features here. You don’t feel like learning how to use the different mirroring options? […]

What Is in the Image?

Dreamer Daniel Zamir has programmed a nifty little app that can recognize what is in an image – in particular, a dream image. To try it out,go to Daniel’s GitHub page first to download the app. Next, click on the green “Clone or download” button. If you download the ZIP file, open the file, then open the folder “dist” and click on “app.exe.” Should your computer refuse to open the app because Windows defender does […]


Like thispersondoesnotexist, GauGAN (named after artist Paul Gauguin and GANs, i.e. generative adversarial networks) is another GAN-based tool developed by NVIDIA. This interactive app uses familiar paint program devices such as paint buckets and brushes to suggest a landscape in the form of a segmentation map on the left side of the screen. The GAN simultaneously translates your scribbling into a virtual landscape of your choice on the right side of your screen. What is […]

Spektrel Art

Icon app

Download Spektrel Art for free for Windows and Mac. The app for IOS costs USD 2.99, the Android app EUR 1.09. The free download works like a charm. However, if you want to save the images you adjust with the program, you need to register with the company even for the free product. The company Jixipix then immediately e-mails you a registration number that you have to enter to unlock the save function. The images […]


Chaotica‘s website describes Chaotica as “a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists.” Download the free versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux  here. The free program will render images of up to 1.23 mp. If you want to create images with up to 4 mp and animations, buy a license for USD 29 or EUR 25. Alternatively, purchase a professional license for USD 99 or EUR 89 to make images […]


JWildfire stands out for its flame fractal generator. Wildfire is a java-based image processing software (hence the “J”). The latest version (4.10), was released on May 11, 2019. Apart from the software, the site offers numerous support resources, such as a blog, a forum, and tutorials. Tip: software developer and architect Andreas Maschke provides a gallary of sample flame fractals you might find useful as styles for dreaming. To run the program, you need to […]

Mandelbulb 3D Quickstart

This is intended as an easy start guide to Mandelbulb 3D. It will let you can generate your own spectacular source/styles very quickly. Firstly, install the latest version of  Mandelbulb 3D from here: Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D) Fractal Rendering Software Run the Mandelbulb3D.exe file You should see a screen like this Next, copy the following text: Mandelbulb3Dv18{ g….oR…kT/…C….IM…UInS34HWT6.pyXgsRxT11EBexCCs6KB.ADh0KyJGvyzSR9UEFpBD0E …………………………..T0KRsIuuF.2……..A./m……………..Y.2…wD …s.7/…E5…./Q.1/….2k.3…o…..E4…..csQ6D5LR/pD/QkTvvvD…6/dkpXq1….U yEEnAnQD12../2k…cfWnOgz………..4…1Knl7z1………..U0/….y1…sD…../.. .zHnAnQDRaPah.4lnw1emBFIr8AHz04hFRs0mUnj0PdmPCxG.xHNhSp18228zai.forWuioD2ZqK5Xsa 8xPm2SXw1hADziIKB.pNuXnDU…..YG1…S5……..kD.2….sD..G………………… ………….cNaNu1…sD….zw1………………………………qSi/EB….k1. …..4iSoz1………2wzzzXUU.60……61…EN….U0.06s/.kPk2…../…M3w..UG.95A ..E06/aZczDM6/nzMg2czX6dE16.0c..zrhe..UoK/nl2xvj6sM93P58iz1………..U.8.UQgk0. .wUmc2beYzH.dA8E5Exwz0………./.U0.wzga/..0PJWp1Puzs/0.p4HE3zD/………E.0c.. zzzzo/.U……..F16……….0…….2U.8.kzzzD………..k3……………….. /6U0.wzzz1……………………………..UTVR..y3q/yzz/k.1A..1Ak.vzDsnwF.UDn 5VTzThdht0kaqaPiQs5y3q/.sLM5s1bTsLM5.UTVRUDlyVTVR..y3q/yMw5y3q/.sLM5snqTsLM5.UTV RUDkzVTVR..y3q/y…y3q/bzz/k.1Akyz1yATomxzpaqaffnFLMmBb9e/rN.Yb9e/rN.c4Qb/.Aic4Q E….AU2V2E…..I….c….EMh3aSdtqN7NoI.A3…………………………MU/4… ……….kAnAnAnAHxzmsfv9eoCPzjAnAnAnAHW.2…….AB./……U51k…….MI/2L1m2V NtKtz……..UxDOaNaNaNarzHtLLiTdp3I./…….s4EwO7YDcbhPz1………………… …………………A…..3….8….UKNsFrNmZ4N7NoI………………………. .sU1….0MU/4…………….UyDDM1vS3KB..IcN0b.T6AnzUD53SDmxHvj………..iSIsu […]



Inspirograph is a free online spiral image maker created by Nathan Friend, currently senior frontend engineer at GitLab. It’s very simple to use. Just choose the size of the fixed and rotating cogs as well as the background and line colors. Also, use a few easy keyboard shortcuts to make spiral images very quickly. Download the images for further use or submit them to the online gallery. If you want to use a spiral image […]


AndreaMosaic is a free mosaic creation progam that will turn a source image into a tiled mosaic emulating the source image. The program is easy to download for Windows, Linux and in a legacy version for OS X. You may also extract images from video or movie files to use as tiles. The program makes a tiled mosaic in three simple steps. First, you choose a source image from your files (the green plus sign). […]


A flexible collage app for iOS and Android with an easy-to-use interface and many other perks like the ability to save, recall, and edit old layouts, various collage modes, and a wide variety of free grid layouts. It’s not without its limitations– many of the most interesting grids require a subscription– but it’s a quality option that balances speed and power.


Mandalagaba 2

MandalaGaba is a free online mandala maker. Design digital mandalas, snowflakes, drawings, sketches and doodles online, share them and even collaborate online: If you’re looking for a drawing partner, the site will even create a match for you. Use simple drawing, brush and bucket tools (navigation panel on the left side) to outline and fill in an image. Scroll down this page to find out what the icons in the navigation panel do. Click on […]

Fractal Wallpaper Generator

Random frac 1 adj 3

Fractal artist Aexion (Ramiro Pérez Clare Nash, who also developed both the Incendia and Aural fractal programs) has a free fractal wallpaper generator he calls random background generator on his website. Create fractals with a single click (the “try again” button). To download the fractal you have created, click “generate wallpaper”). This opens a view of the fractal that you can download by right-clicking your mouse and selecting download. The images have a satisfactory resolution. […]

Mirror Lab

Mirror lab

Mirror Lab by ilixa is another free app for all Android users that offers various functions, notably fractalization. What’s especially good about this app is that you can take photos with your phone directly in the app. Then you can manipulate them, for example, make a fractal. This app could finally be the Android app most comparable to Frax for iOS! The slider settings give you enough leeway to adjust your fractal. Moreover, you can […]


Img 8594

One of the best quick collage creators for iOS and Android, with an easy to use and efficient interface for adjustable grid-based layouts. Compares well and similar to PS Express, with twice its maximum images in a collage, non-square (but less adjustable) image grids. Unfortunately, PhotoCollage also has annoying banner and post-export ads (PS Express does not). Aside from that. there are no significant functional limitations to the free version, unlike competitors like PhotoGrid and […]

Photo Quilt

This iOS-only quick-collage app doesn’t offer a huge number of layouts or options. The one thing it does better than any other mobile app– it can handle any number of images and make a square collage out of them, quickly and automatically. (And I mean ANY number– one of my tests used over 400 images!) Unfortunately, the free version only exports low resolution images- you can pay for higher definition output. It may be a […]


A free collage maker with a streamlined interface, many creative layouts you can pour your images into, and most of the features you might want for a quick mobile collage creator. Unfortunately the free version places a watermark of their logo over the corner of the exported collages. In-app purchase disables watermark, ads, and gives access to additional layouts. Also available for iOS. Look for the comparative review (coming soon) for more details.


Pictorem is a Montreal-based company that specializes in making high-quality wall art out of photographers’ and other artists’ images. The company will ship prints worldwide. Artwork by nearly 3,500 artists is displayed for sale on the website. So, what makes this wall art printing service more interesting than that of competitors? Well, for one thing, the featured artists include some of our deep dreamers who are offering their artwork for sale. To sell your art […]

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is one of my favorite mobile tools for layered graphic composition, color manipulation, and collage for DDG. It’s almost as fast as PS Express for collage creation, and offers many advanced options that PS Express doesn’t, like overlapping layers, Photoshop’s layer blending modes, advanced masking capabilities including soft edges, and the ability to paint stylized “Looks” selectively onto parts of a layer. I cover my collage creation process with Photoshop Mix in detail […]


Icon large rendering with frame

For all of you Android users with iOs envy, there’s a versatile free fractal app for Android out there after all! Fractview produces high-resolution .png images that you can share to other media. For example, mail them to your computer and use the fractals for dreaming or as collage-making material. Developer Karl Gmeiner (a.k.a. Searlesat) states that Fractview is completely open source and will remain open source and ad-free. The program is also hosted on […]


Several websites offer software for download or online use to change images into low-poly graphics. The website Triangulator stands out for its easy-to-use online Delaunay triangulation image generator. You simply upload an image, choose one of three algorithms, and select an output resolution. The generator treats large color planes as large triangles. Conversely, more detailed features are split into many small triangles. Here, Triangulator compares favorably to other mesh or triangulation programs that produce triangles […]

Turtle Graphics Renderer

The Turtle Graphics Renderer is a simple online platform created by Kevin Roast that allows you to create L-Sytem (“turtle”) patterns. These graphics are recursive patterns characterized by self-similarity and hence fractal-like forms. Plant models and natural-looking organic forms ‘grow’ and become more complex by increasing the iteration level of the form. To create images, choose a sample image on the right side of the screen and change the mathematical parameters (e.g. angles) at the […]



PhotoFunia is an Odessa-based website currently offering just short of 600 image editing effects. PhotoFunia works with a wide variety of programs and some web browsers. The tool is free and very easy to use: Simply choose an effect, drag and drop or upload an image, and click go. Download your finished image. Here’s an example: The first image is the original, the second showcases the image with the “famous gallery” effect.


Upload an image with a file size of up to 20MB to the TiltShiftMaker website, and let the website create a “bokeh” effect, i.e. a selective focusing and defocusing of parts of the image. The area and degree of defocusing can be adjusted using a slider to change both the uploaded image and the tilt-shift preview. Scroll down the page for handy how-to-use instructions. To download the finished image in low resolution, simply click on […]


PhotoMania is a free photo editor. No registration is required for online use. The app can be downloaded for use on Android and iOS moblile phones. The editor stands out for its ease of use. Regulate the intensity of effects by using a slider. On the downside, applying one of the wide variety of effects will reduce image resolution; also, the image is watermarked. Here’s a sample: The first image is the original, the second […]

Colourlovers PHOTOCOPA

Screen shot 2018 08 31 at 1 04 40 pm

An online tool to help you create color palettes. One of its most popular options allows you to sample colors from an image, which can be very useful when you’re trying to reverse engineer a photo to better style it. Once you’ve defined a palette and published it to Colourlovers, it will also suggest images that match the palette– very useful for finding photos that will perform well with a style.

Sterling 2 Fractal Generator and Fractal Gallery

Sterling 2 is a fractal software based on the Sterling fractal generator program written by Stephen C. Ferguson. Unlike the original program, which you can purchase for USD 35 from Stephen C. Ferguson’s website at, Sterling 2 is free. Moreover, it comes with a formula editor. Download Sterling 2 directly from Soler’s website. Additionally, the website provides a link to Soler’s fractal gallery of 1,128 fractals you are welcome to download and use. Here’s a […]

Tuxpi Image Editor


The German website Tuxpi offers a simple and easy to use online image editor with 60 tools. Upload a photo and, for example, swap colors (change color channels) or apply other color filters. Moreover, use all the usual photo editing tools, such as cropping, adding borders or making vignettes. The more artistic effects include adding brushstrokes, swirling colors, and creating various montages and collages. Unfortunately, the edited photos lose resolution. Here’s an example of an […]

Text to Image Generator

AI expert Cristóbal Valenzuela builds machine learning and AI tools for artists and designers. He programmed a simple text-to-image generator that you can call up under the link above. Open the website and type a text into a window on the left. Next, as you type, the corresponding image takes shape in the window on the right. In the background, the recognition algorithms create images – nightmare images – out of your words. Unfortunately, the […]



Nusoft sells various programs for downloading that allow you do turn photos into screensavers or animated material. Nature Illusion Studio makes digital still photos into screensavers or videos. Ace Pro Screensaver Creator (includes Nature Illusion Studio) supports various file still and animated graphic formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP. You can add mp3 or wmv files for background music. The company also offers seven 3D animated GIF collections. The cost is 19.99 […]



  GIPHY is an online platform on which you can create 15-second GIFs. Log in with Facebook or e-mail address required. Upload or drag and drop images and rearrange them. The GIF maker creates your GIF from these images and uploads it to its website, and you can share it or download it in various sizes and file formats.



Coder Ricardo Cabello’s website Mr.doob offers a number of graphic applications that include an online spin art tool (spin painter). Use the spin art painter to make a simple spin art graphic. Then, save the images you make at high resolution, for example to use them as styles. See a sample spin art image below.



Browser-based GIF maker. Upload up to 2,000 images in JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD or BMP format to make and download GIFs without watermarks. You can also resize, edit, preview and reverse GIFs, change the animation speed of a GIF and merge two or more animated GIFs. Download the GIFs you make online soon because the images will be removed after a few hours. No registration required. allows you to create animations in GIF format, […]

Magic Fluids

Magic fluids

Magic Fluids is a free google app for download mobile devices running on Android. Touching the screen allows you to swirl colorful smoke and water. When you press the Menu Button (three-dot button on newer devices) animation pauses. From there you can clear the screen, go to the settings menu or save the screenshot to file on external storage (it goes to /Pictures/MagicFluids/ directory). Note that external storage (which usually means SD Card, but on […]

Overlay Multiple Images Software

Overlay Multiple Images Software Overlay Multiple Images Software is one of 1,400 Windows apps created by Peter Sobol. Most of these apps are for file conversion, image extraction or file resizing, and most are available as a free version for download. The free Overlay Multiple Images software is very basic, however. For example, images cannot be scaled to fit over each other precisely. The sofware allows users to place images on top of each other […]

Dynamic Auto Painter

Dynamic Auto Painter is a software for download that emulates artists’ styles (including own styles) to render photos into digital art. It works as a bitmap-based application that converts your images. The trial version is free, the full version is available at cost. Various special offer packages are available, such as a free upgrade to a new version currently under development. Reviewers confirm that it renders a high level of detail and large formats. Thanks […]

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