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Category: Source Challenges

Source Challenge: Shoes

Shoes. They can be sensible, frivolous, fashionable, ugly, shiny, dirty, uncomfortable, bespoke, orthopedic, fetish, iconic and so much more. They’re made of all manner of materials, not just leather, synthetics, canvas or rubber. Get them from bargain bins, high-end shops, supermarkets or second-hand. Shoes come in all colors and shapes to meet your particular needs: wear slippers, boots, flip-flops, work shoes, sneakers, high heels, mocassins, sports shoes, and wear them with or without socks or […]

Source Challenge: Old Family Photographs

Here’s a new source challenge for you. Take your time finding material for this challenge. As you know, our challenges never have a closing date! Simply scan an old or even historical family photograph and make it into a dream. Alternatively, if you don’t have, or don’t want to use, a personal photograph, use public domain material. Here are some useful sites for historical family photographs: Wikimedia Commons, category historical images of people; Library of […]

Background vs Foreground, Bird Source Challenge

This #DDGchallenge is an exercise in differentiating background from foreground while using style transfer. All of these birds have distinctly different colors and lighting in their backgrounds. Find or create a style image with matching lighting/shading/colors that capitalize on the distinction. This can be done as simply as searching through potential styles for the right colors. Here are some places to browse: Or by finding two (or more) different styles that appropriately match the foreground […]

Fractal Flower Challenge

Flowers are everywhere at the moment so I thought I’d add a few more. Adapt the styles/sources any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images cultivated especially for this challenge. Full resolution images can be found here