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Daniel Zamir’s Redreaming Guide

Here’s a cool technique you can use especially to soften the effects of styles on a photo of a person: redreaming.

Let’s say you want a dream with a very natural look. One way to go is to use thin style, but its options are limited. Another way is to use two or more deep styles and to mix them for the effect you’re trying to achieve. Your create one dream with the first style, one dream with the second style, combine the reulsting deep dreams, and then redream.

Here’s an example that shows you what I mean.

1. First, I took the original and created two dreams with very different styles (I called them style 1 and style 2, see below).
2. Next, I combined these two dreams (“styles”) in an image editor (GIMP in this case, see my How To Combine Styles in GIMP Video Tutorial).
3. Finally, I uploaded the original image to DDG and used the mixed dream as a style to redream.

The result is a dream that looks natural – no unwanted shading or lines in the face – but is clearly different from the original!