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Deep Dream on YouTube

YouTube and Dreaming Music

The strongest connection between YouTube and Deep Dreamers is a music channel, DDG Music. All dreamers in the Facebook group are welcome to add tracks under Wendy Bandurski’s FB #music post.

Also, some group members use YouTube to display their dreams as videos set to music. See, for example, Ema Vietnam’s series of “dreams for beholders” on her channel.

YouTube and Dreaming Videos

The first dreaming videos that come to my mind are the deep dream challenge compilations. On his channel, Mark Wacholtz has showcased challenge outputs that condense many dreamers’ very diverse creative efforts.

Another way for deep dreamers to use YouTube is by posting short MP4s. The easiest method to record a dream MP4 is to use an app like Frozio Photo Animator (only for iPhone and iPad) or Plotaverse (for iOS, Android, Mac and PC). If you want to take the long way round and create a true deep dream video frame by deep dreamed frame, check out Max Novak’s video for instructions.

YouTube and Dreaming Information

How else can dreamers benefit from YouTube? For instance, members have flagged relevant information: Ben Jaimen recently drew the group’s attention to a video on AI learning to draw caricatures. Dream-style software can be used to alter video, too. For example, Ben Beekman put together a playlist of some memorable experiments with the technique.

Also, several videos give deep dreamers feedback on deep dream art. Some look at AI art through art critics‘ or artists‘ eyes; some explore the collaboration between artists and AI. An excellent, almost philosophical contribution by the PBS idea channel debates whether AI art is really art.

If you’re interested in AI in art beyond deep dreaming, look at the use of AI in music (Magenta), gaming (Angelina), digital drawing and filmmaking. If you’re after broader insights into AI in general, choose from a flood of videos. Some of the most educational contributions record TED talks by AI experts. If that’s too easy, you might want to get your feet wet examining the nuts and bolts of AI. In fact, YouTube even has an Articifial Intelligence Channel!

To see deep dreamer Filipe Cruz’s livestream session videos, search YouTube using #deepdreamgeneratorart or take a look at the sessions on his You-Tube channel.

On a final note, do you have any other ideas on how dreamers can benefit from YouTube? Some deep dreamers have called for a beginners’ YouTube tutorial on how to use DDG. In this vein, Filipe Cruz posted a series of videos explaining hands-on style transfer he called”Let’s talk #ddgart styles” providing some key insights.