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Deep Style V2 and Transparent Backgrounds

Transp bg 1 Transp bg 2 Transp bg 3Tip from Daniel Prust: With DEEP STYLE V2 you can now upload PNG images with transparent backgrounds and the AI won’t style the transparent part of the image. It will simply turn the transparent portion white in the dream output.

Conversely, with V1, DDG would treat the transparent background as white during the styling process, which would lead to style bleeding into the background of the dream.

So V2 users no longer have to adjust style images to have a proportional amount of white background color to match the source image. All they have to do is cut out the background of the source image, save it as a png, then upload it and use whatever style they want to. The result: a clean-cut dream output.

Adobe Photoshop Mix and Photofox are two free apps that can do this on a touchscreen device. This may have been in DDG’s patch notes about V2 somewhere, but if so, I either missed it or didn’t realize the utility at the time. Just thought you all should know! Here are some examples of the difference it makes.

And here’s a message from DDG. DDG2 Note: For those using the PNG /transparent background/ feature – you will have to re-upload the PNG image. Then you can re-use it.