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DeepDreamGenerator Tips – Adding in Some Black n White (Without It Looking Messy)

Andrea Melissa Blacker wrote this short but sweet tutorial for Deep Dreamers:

Hi everyone. I sure do love the black n white mixed in the final image but don’t always get the right parts n pieces to turn out black n white by using a total black and white source image.

Example: I’m going to be using this image as my source image:

Amb image 1












image 1

A lot of folks just plug in a black n white source image and their texture choice. So I did exactly the same thing. Turned my source photo black n white and I chose this for my texture.

Amb image 2















image 2

And I got this as my result:

Amb image 3












image 3

Okay, so I didn’t like how it made her skin blue. So I decided to make a collage of my source image as black and white and my texture.

Amb image 4
















image 4

I plugged in my source image in color with the collage as the texture and got this result:

Amb image 5












image 5

Much cleaner and more realistic result than a girl with blue skin. However, AI didn’t put as much blue at the bottom in the background as the first result, but overall I think it looked much better.

I did decide to use sepia instead of black n white for my final deep style transfer, so I made a sepia source image and collaged it with my texture. I also added one bokeh for light ( I was thinking of the bubbles, but sometimes the AI does not think like us lol).

Amb image 6
















image 6

And I plugged in my color source image and got this result:

Amb image 7












image 7

I hope this helps someone out there 🙂 Here are a couple more examples. I plugged in my source images in color and only added the black and white source images in a collage with my textures:

Amb image 8











image 8

Collage for texture:

Amb image 9
















image 9

And my result:

Amb image 10











image 10

And another source image, collage and result:

Amb image 11
















image 11

Amb image 12
















image 12

Amb image 13
















image 13