FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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First, upload the image to Facebook by clicking on the camera icon in your comment. To get the link to a dream page, first view the full-size dream on DDG. Click on the dream and you’ll see a link at the bottom of the page with the title you’ve given the dream or the words “Dream page.” Right click that link and select “Copy Linked Address.” You can then paste this url before or after the image you’ve uploaded. On non-mobile devices, you can right click to copy/paste images directly into Facebook comments, which is much faster.

All the styles you’ve used are stored on your profile page in chronological order. You can reuse them from there by clicking on “My Styles” and browsing to the style image you want to use. The styles won’t be displayed in a large format, but they will load into the style image section of the generator page when they are clicked.

Once you are on page 2 of any gallery, you can type the page number into the address bar and go straight there. This can be a huge time-saver when you’re trying to navigate deep into a feed.

Including elements of several different images gives the deep style engine a wider range of elements to paint with. Imagine how much more vividly you’d be able to paint if you could use all of your brushes and colors. Including several images in a collage gives the engine more brushes to work with, brushes so diverse no one painter has ever used them all.

This resource is restricted to people on the Facebook group. To find the link, check the Deep Dreamers’ pinned post.

This resource is restricted to people on the Facebook group. To find the link, check the Deep Dreamers’ pinned post.

We ask that you follow these rules if you wish to remain in the group.

We try to keep our primary focus on general interest material for deep dreamers. Don’t post more than one self-promotional post in 24 hours, and please say something about the work— ideally, use it to illustrate a concept or technique, or ask a question of the group. If you want to post more art, use the active #ddgdaily thread.

No insulting or attacking other users, or posting images that are offensive or demeaning.

Manners/Etiquette Advice

Don’t use the source images of others without their permission.

Don’t use the dreams of others to create your own dreams (also referred to as “redreaming”.)

If you find someone using your dreams without your permission you can report the dream and the DDG developers will generally remove it.

While you can hold yourself to these standards, you can’t control the actions of others, and not everybody on the Internet has great manners. So it’s a good idea to not make anything public that you couldn’t bear to see someone else using.

If you reuse the style from someone’s dream, it’s generally considered good manners to like the dream.

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