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Inspiration Needed?

Are you looking to create your own hand-drawn source or style images but can’t think of any worthwhile motifs? My Modern Met has some inspiration for you to make simple doodles. Here’s Just the tip of the iceberg: different types of cacti; a repeating pattern of your favorit animal, fruit, or flower; doughnuts and coffee.

Drawing ideas from My Modern Met include kichen utensils; your most interesting pair of shoes; a closeup of your eye.

An easy way to make styles and relax while you’re drawing is to make zentangles. Here’s a website from which to download zentangle patterns.

Numerous blogs offer ideas to get your creative juices flowing. For instance, try one of the 100 Easy Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Inspiriation.

Maybe you need a drawing challenge to motivate you? Then check out the drawing challenges on Doodle Addicts. The site features some amazing work!

You might als find inspiration at the art inventory site Artwork Archive, which offers 20 easy artistic prompts in its blog.

Finally, try out one of various fun random drawing idea generators for quirky ideas.