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Kaleider is a progam that lets you create nearly limitless kaleidoscope, 3D mirroring and funneling effects in images. You may choose any image on your computer to work with.

Kaleider is available for windows (download the free trial version here) and as a free android app.

Some good advice: To get the most out of Kaleider, read about the program’s myriad features here.

You don’t feel like learning how to use the different mirroring options? Then click the random button for ever-new surprising effects. Also, once you see your kaleidoscopic image, simply drag your cursor across the screen in any direction and watch it evolve. If you really like a result, you can save the image in high resolution. Just right-click on the image, mouse-over “file” in the pop-up window, choose “save as” and save as jpg, jpeg, bmp or whatever you choose. You can also create your own avi videos using the automatic effects and video capture features.

The free trial period is 22 days. Apparently, the program apparently uninstalls of its own accord. The purchase price is USD 28.

Below are a few example of art created from original images:

And here’s a set of four images created from one original: