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Tailoring a Style to Fit Using a Color Histogram

There are a variety of reasons why a style image doesn’t work with a source image. One of the most common is that the two images are composed of very different color palettes and/or luminescence values. We will show how that can be corrected using a ‘Histogram’.

Hex Style Challenge

Hexagon Style Challenge. It’s time for another style challenge. These images are a mixture of hexagon based images especially built for this challenge by members of the admin team. They are provided for use in DDG by any member of the Deep Dreamers Facebook group.  

Inspiration Needed?

Are you looking to create your own hand-drawn source or style images but can’t think of any worthwhile motifs? My Modern Met has some inspiration for you to make simple doodles. Here’s Just the tip of the iceberg: different types of cacti; a repeating pattern of your favorit animal, fruit, or flower; doughnuts and coffee. Drawing ideas from My Modern Met include kichen utensils; your most interesting pair of shoes; a closeup of your eye. […]

Source Challenge: Shoes

Shoes. They can be sensible, frivolous, fashionable, ugly, shiny, dirty, uncomfortable, bespoke, orthopedic, fetish, iconic and so much more. They’re made of all manner of materials, not just leather, synthetics, canvas or rubber. Get them from bargain bins, high-end shops, supermarkets or second-hand. Shoes come in all colors and shapes to meet your particular needs: wear slippers, boots, flip-flops, work shoes, sneakers, high heels, mocassins, sports shoes, and wear them with or without socks or […]

Spektrel Effect Challenge

It’s time for our latest style challenge. Adapt the styles any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images built especially for this challenge using the Spektrel effect on pixabay images.

What Is in the Image?

Dreamer Daniel Zamir has programmed a nifty little app that can recognize what is in an image – in particular, a dream image. To try it out,go to Daniel’s GitHub page first to download the app. Next, click on the green “Clone or download” button. If you download the ZIP file, open the file, then open the folder “dist” and click on “app.exe.” Should your computer refuse to open the app because Windows defender does […]

Source Challenge: Old Family Photographs

Here’s a new source challenge for you. Take your time finding material for this challenge. As you know, our challenges never have a closing date! Simply scan an old or even historical family photograph and make it into a dream. Alternatively, if you don’t have, or don’t want to use, a personal photograph, use public domain material. Here are some useful sites for historical family photographs: Wikimedia Commons, category historical images of people; Library of […]

Bead Challenge

It’s time for our latest style challenge. Adapt the styles any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images built especially for this challenge. Full resolution images can be found here  


Like thispersondoesnotexist, GauGAN (named after artist Paul Gauguin and GANs, i.e. generative adversarial networks) is another GAN-based tool developed by NVIDIA. This interactive app uses familiar paint program devices such as paint buckets and brushes to suggest a landscape in the form of a segmentation map on the left side of the screen. The GAN simultaneously translates your scribbling into a virtual landscape of your choice on the right side of your screen. What is […]

Background vs Foreground, Bird Source Challenge

This #DDGchallenge is an exercise in differentiating background from foreground while using style transfer. All of these birds have distinctly different colors and lighting in their backgrounds. Find or create a style image with matching lighting/shading/colors that capitalize on the distinction. This can be done as simply as searching through potential styles for the right colors. Here are some places to browse: Or by finding two (or more) different styles that appropriately match the foreground […]

Scientific Material

The links below take you to selected deep-dreaming-related scientific material:   Books, Papers, Articles Where We See Shapes, AI Sees Textures (2019) by Jordana Cepelewicz in Quantamagazine Controlling Perceptual Factors in Neural Style Transfer (2017) by Leon A. Gatys et al. Preserving Color in Neural Artistic Style Transfer (2016) by Leon A. Gatys et al. A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style (2015) by Leon A. Gatys et al. Music Transformer (2018) by Cheng-Thi Anna Huang […]

Spektrel Art

Icon app

Download Spektrel Art for free for Windows and Mac. The app for IOS costs USD 2.99, the Android app EUR 1.09. The free download works like a charm. However, if you want to save the images you adjust with the program, you need to register with the company even for the free product. The company Jixipix then immediately e-mails you a registration number that you have to enter to unlock the save function. The images […]


Chaotica‘s website describes Chaotica as “a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists.” Download the free versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux  here. The free program will render images of up to 1.23 mp. If you want to create images with up to 4 mp and animations, buy a license for USD 29 or EUR 25. Alternatively, purchase a professional license for USD 99 or EUR 89 to make images […]

Fractal Flower Challenge

Flowers are everywhere at the moment so I thought I’d add a few more. Adapt the styles/sources any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images cultivated especially for this challenge. Full resolution images can be found here


JWildfire stands out for its flame fractal generator. Wildfire is a java-based image processing software (hence the “J”). The latest version (4.10), was released on May 11, 2019. Apart from the software, the site offers numerous support resources, such as a blog, a forum, and tutorials. Tip: software developer and architect Andreas Maschke provides a gallary of sample flame fractals you might find useful as styles for dreaming. To run the program, you need to […]

Grid Challenge

To pay homage to one of DDG’s great styles I have developed some challenge images along the same lines. Adapt the styles any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images built especially for this challenge. Full resolution images can be found here

Fractal Mountain Style Challenge

#DDGChallenge This time we go into the fractal mountains for our style challenge! Adapt the styles any way you like and use them for dreaming. Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images built especially for this challenge. Full resolution images can be found here  

60’s psychedelia style challenge

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It’s time to go back to the 60’s for a psychedelia style challenge! Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images built especially for this challenge. Go wild – adapt the styles any way you like and use for dreaming. Post your best dreams in this thread.

Mandelbulb 3D Quickstart

This is intended as an easy start guide to Mandelbulb 3D. It will let you can generate your own spectacular source/styles very quickly. Firstly, install the latest version of  Mandelbulb 3D from here: Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D) Fractal Rendering Software Run the Mandelbulb3D.exe file You should see a screen like this Next, copy the following text: Mandelbulb3Dv18{ g….oR…kT/…C….IM…UInS34HWT6.pyXgsRxT11EBexCCs6KB.ADh0KyJGvyzSR9UEFpBD0E …………………………..T0KRsIuuF.2……..A./m……………..Y.2…wD …s.7/…E5…./Q.1/….2k.3…o…..E4…..csQ6D5LR/pD/QkTvvvD…6/dkpXq1….U yEEnAnQD12../2k…cfWnOgz………..4…1Knl7z1………..U0/….y1…sD…../.. .zHnAnQDRaPah.4lnw1emBFIr8AHz04hFRs0mUnj0PdmPCxG.xHNhSp18228zai.forWuioD2ZqK5Xsa 8xPm2SXw1hADziIKB.pNuXnDU…..YG1…S5……..kD.2….sD..G………………… ………….cNaNu1…sD….zw1………………………………qSi/EB….k1. …..4iSoz1………2wzzzXUU.60……61…EN….U0.06s/.kPk2…../…M3w..UG.95A ..E06/aZczDM6/nzMg2czX6dE16.0c..zrhe..UoK/nl2xvj6sM93P58iz1………..U.8.UQgk0. .wUmc2beYzH.dA8E5Exwz0………./.U0.wzga/..0PJWp1Puzs/0.p4HE3zD/………E.0c.. zzzzo/.U……..F16……….0…….2U.8.kzzzD………..k3……………….. /6U0.wzzz1……………………………..UTVR..y3q/yzz/k.1A..1Ak.vzDsnwF.UDn 5VTzThdht0kaqaPiQs5y3q/.sLM5s1bTsLM5.UTVRUDlyVTVR..y3q/yMw5y3q/.sLM5snqTsLM5.UTV RUDkzVTVR..y3q/y…y3q/bzz/k.1Akyz1yATomxzpaqaffnFLMmBb9e/rN.Yb9e/rN.c4Qb/.Aic4Q E….AU2V2E…..I….c….EMh3aSdtqN7NoI.A3…………………………MU/4… ……….kAnAnAnAHxzmsfv9eoCPzjAnAnAnAHW.2…….AB./……U51k…….MI/2L1m2V NtKtz……..UxDOaNaNaNarzHtLLiTdp3I./…….s4EwO7YDcbhPz1………………… …………………A…..3….8….UKNsFrNmZ4N7NoI………………………. .sU1….0MU/4…………….UyDDM1vS3KB..IcN0b.T6AnzUD53SDmxHvj………..iSIsu […]

The Flickr Saga: What Happened to the Groups’ Shared Styles Collection?

Ip thief

We had a gigantic collection of styles, and some source images, all stored on a single online repository, for the use of the Deep Dreamers’ group. Here we tell the whole story:
How it got started, why it no longer exists, and some thoughts and ideas for creating a new online collection, while avoiding the pitfalls of the Flickr collection.

Cartoon Flower Style

It’s time for a cartoon flower source/style challenge! Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images created especially for this challenge. Adapt the images any way you like and use for dreaming. The images are photos run through the cartoon art effect, have a go its fun  

Macroporn Subreddit

Macroporn The second subreddit in Ben Beekman’s series of non-pornographic resources with porn in the name, the macroporn subreddit features macro photography—extremely close-up images of small things. The photos found here can be useful both as source and style images. As with all subreddit resources, try sorting by best of all time.

Earthporn Subreddit

Earthporn Completing the trifecta of non-pornographic subreddits with “porn” in the title, here you’ll find a wide variety of breathtaking natural landscapes that work very well for source images for dreams. You’ll definitely see quite a few from Ben Beekman’s deep dreams if you dig. The site is one of Ben’s go-to secret weapons that he’s sharing with all of you. Enjoy!


Needpix Needpix offers a collection of over 1.5 million free photos and illustrations under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. As the site states on its “about” page, “[A]ll photos hosted here are collected only from public domain sources such as:,,,, and others.” It’s easy to search the well-tagged site. Also, many images are high resolution. Apart from photos, you’ll find vector illustrations, clipart, paintings and drawings, fractals, as well as […]

Fabric Challenge

It’s time for a fabric style challenge! Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use the images chosen especially for this challenge. Go wild – adapt the styles any way you like and use for dreaming. Post your best dreams in this thread. Next, let these images inspire you to go through your wardrobes to take a closeup snapshot of an item of clothing hanging at the back that was in fashion […]



Inspirograph is a free online spiral image maker created by Nathan Friend, currently senior frontend engineer at GitLab. It’s very simple to use. Just choose the size of the fixed and rotating cogs as well as the background and line colors. Also, use a few easy keyboard shortcuts to make spiral images very quickly. Download the images for further use or submit them to the online gallery. If you want to use a spiral image […]


This waifu does not exist produces an endless stream of potential source images for deep dreaming. Create a new waifu (a fictional character, typically an anime, manga, or video game character that is attractive to the point of being considered a significant other) every time you refresh the website. Click on pause refresh at the bottom of a waifu page to read the little made-up story to the right of the face.   Alternatively, call […]



Burst Burst is a stock photo platform with thousands of royalty-free images mainly for the web community. But some collections are interesting for Deep Dreamers, notably animals and nature & landscapes. Moreover, the odd background or texture might be useful input for a style. Also, browse the site for new public domain photos added every week. Another nifty feature is the option to download a given image in high or low resolution.


Negative space

NegativeSpace NegativeSpace offers photographers a platform to share their work free of charge and without copyright restrictions (Creative Commons 0). The website takes its name from a photography technique: photos focus sharply on a subject whereas the blurry surroundings represent the “negative space.” Search by categories or by color. Downloading is a cinch. Finally, you might consider signing up for a newsletter to receive 20 new stock photos by mail every week.

Rings and Things Challenge

Rings and Things Style Challenge Use the images as a style for your dream . Anyone in the Deep Dreamers FB group is welcome to use these images, they were created especially for this challenge.  

National Gallery of Art

Deep Dreamers, here’s another wonderful repository of open-access images: The National Gallery of Art makes open-access works in its collection available in a dedicated website. Go to NGA Images to see and choose from among over 51,000 digitized open-access works. You’ll find everything from Impressionist paintings to iconic works by U.S. artists. The site has a particularly useful feature: Select the most convenient image size and resolution. What is more, the NGA has organized images […]

The drive to make art available for educational and other purposes has spawned new websites like wikiart. Wikiart’s mission is to collect art from around the world and make it accessible to everyone. Search for images by a broad range of categories, not just art styles or artists, but also unusual criteria like female artists. The site operates on the wiki principle: Anyone may contribute and edit content. Of course, new content is consistently moderated. […]

The Public Domain Review

The online journal The Public Domain Review showcases a large number of curated collections of PD images. An excellent classification system facilitates searching. Narrow down your search by defining criteria such as the century created, the type of artwork or its source (such as museums, libraries, government agencies). Understandably, most of the images are pre-twentieth-century works. But especially if art curiosities from centuries past are what you’re looking for as a Deep Dreamer, you will […]


The Rijksmuseum is a pioneer of the movement toward digitization and open access in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector. It initially released over 100,000 images of artworks to the public domain already in 2012. Shortly thereafter, the Rijksmuseum launched Rijksstudio to allow users to create their own exhibition pages and share material. In fact, the museum encourages users to reuse images and share the results with the Rijksmuseum. To access the Rijksmuseum’s […]


This person does not exist! Every time you refresh the website at two-second intervals, you conjure up a new synthetic face. Most portraits look uncannily real. The website uses code released by GPU inventor NVIDIA using data from generative adversarial networks (GANs) and style transfer to blend images. Software engineer Philip Wang created the thispersondoesnotexist website. To find out about Wang’s method and motives, look at his Facebook post. Also, if you’re interested in relevant […]

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art recently joined the league of museums that have adopted an open access policy. Here’s an excerpt from the announcement by Creative Commons on January 23, 2019: “Today, we are announcing a release of 30,000 high quality, free and open digital images from the museum’s collection under CC0 and available via their API. CC0 allows anyone to use, re-use, and remix a work without restriction.” This is great news for all […]


AndreaMosaic is a free mosaic creation progam that will turn a source image into a tiled mosaic emulating the source image. The program is easy to download for Windows, Linux and in a legacy version for OS X. You may also extract images from video or movie files to use as tiles. The program makes a tiled mosaic in three simple steps. First, you choose a source image from your files (the green plus sign). […]

Valentines Challenge

For all those in love, here is our Valentine’s Day Challenge. Use the images as a style or a source for your dream Valentine’s Day card to the one you love. I created these images especially for this challenge. Anyone in this group is welcome to use these images!      


A flexible collage app for iOS and Android with an easy-to-use interface and many other perks like the ability to save, recall, and edit old layouts, various collage modes, and a wide variety of free grid layouts. It’s not without its limitations– many of the most interesting grids require a subscription– but it’s a quality option that balances speed and power.

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