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MandalaGaba is a free online mandala maker. Design digital mandalas, snowflakes, drawings, sketches and doodles online, share them and even collaborate online: If you’re looking for a drawing partner, the site will even create a match for you.

Mandalagaba 10 2
MandalaGaba canvas

Use simple drawing, brush and bucket tools (navigation panel on the left side) to outline and fill in an image. Scroll down this page to find out what the icons in the navigation panel do.

Click on the mandala maker link to open a canvas with a random pattern automatically. Each canvas has a different tessellation (repeated polygon shapes) that mirrors or multiply your lines as you doodle. You can change the random suggested canvas, of course.

Mandalagaba 10 1
MandalaGaba rendering

There’s a separate snowflake maker for simple hexagonal patterns. The site also recently introduced a tessellation engine in the mandala maker that allows you to make mosaics. Just move the slider in the panel with the polygons to increase or decrease the number of polygons and thus the iterations of patterns you create.

I find that it takes a while to get the hang of the actual canvas size. It’s quite wide, but not very high (MandalaGaba canvas). Patterns you create may not appear to take fully, so that the rendering (MandalaGaba rendering) will not look the same as the image on canvas.

As you see in the images, the top and bottom areas of the snowflake are not shown on canvas. However, the line pattern is complete in the rendering, whereas some, but not all, bucket fill colors have taken.

As you become more skilled, you may well be able to produce some nice material to use for making styles.