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Mandelbulber, Mandelbulb 3D

Free fractal makers for download. The community members who discovered the Mandelbulb also developed two pieces of software for rendering images of it, and its family of complex, chaotic objects: Mandelbulber (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Mandelbulb 3D (Windows, Linux). According to the site, “Mandelbulber is an experimental application that helps to make rendering 3D Mandelbrot fractals much more accessible. A few of the supported 3D fractals: Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, Quaternion, Trigonometric, Hypercomplex, and Iterated Function Systems (IFS).” The site also offers tutorials.

Thanks to David Petraitis for pointing out Mandelbulb 3D (“pretty complex”). Thanks also to Wendy Bandurski for pointing out a Mandelbulb 3D tutorial at

Counterintuitively, Mandelbulber software is not available on Mandelbulber website itself. To download various versions of Mandelbulber, go to To download its twin, Mandelbulb3D, go to Related software is available at