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Mirror Lab

Mirror Lab by ilixa is another free app for all Android users that offers various functions, notably fractalization. What’s especially good about this app is that you can take photos with your phone directly in the app. Then you can manipulate them, for example, make a fractal. This app could finally be the Android app most comparable to Frax for iOS!Jpeg 20190113 083819 2995961709998522465 mirror

The slider settings give you enough leeway to adjust your fractal. Moreover, you can mail the image to your computer from your phone gallery to use as style (or source) image or to mash it up into collages.

Of course, the app also lets you reflect parts of the image, introduce symmetries and so on. I played around with the different functions and find the triangulation function to be inferior to that of the snapbuilder Triangulator. Also, with the exception of the fractals, the images edited with other functions are low resolution.

To unlock more settings as well as distortion and reflection effects, you might decide to upgrade to the paid version of Mirror Lab via in-app purchase. This would set you back USD 6.99 or EUR 5.49.

Finally, you can download the app to your computer via various sources, such as As with other apps, you have to install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks, NoxPlayer (this option worked for me) or Remix OS Player first.

If you want to try this app out, download it from Google Play. The Play Store also lets you take a closer look at information about the app’s features.