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Power User Tips for DDG

  • Make sure you understand how enhance and style scale work. Effective use of those sliders can make a huge difference in your dream quality. We have a great guide to DDG settings that explains them visually.
  • I feel like “Enhance” should instead be labeled “Style Flex”. “Enhance” creates a lot of false assumptions as a label for its function. Also, I wish someone had explained to me how much more detail I could get from a low Style Scale value. When I think about all the dreams that suffered from awkward thick 100% lines when the thin detail of 40 and 60% scale was right there all along…

  • Navigating dream feeds: Once you are on page 2 of any gallery, you can type the page number into the address bar and go straight there. This can be a huge time-saver when you’re trying to navigate deep into a feed.
  • All the styles you’ve used are stored on your profile page and you can retrieve them from there rather than cataloging all your old styles. There’s a section of your profile page you can reach via the top left menu. It won’t display them in a large format, but they download the full images when clicked. (Via Marti McKenna)
  • If you only create one dream using an image, and delete that image, it appears that the image will be the first to be replaced from your Recent list when you upload a new image.
  • To keep pictures in the recent list (until you load 15 newer images): do a throwaway thin-style or deep-dream and DO NOT delete it. That way if you have a stubborn image that needs a lot of trial and error, it usually (usually) stays put. (Via Ron Castika)