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Rawpixel Ltd. is a UK-based stock image provider that offers an array of free and paid images. The company prides itself on authenticity and creativity and on supporting good causes. And here’s a special tip for Deep Dreamers: rawpixel provides public domain images enhanced to high resolutions.

Register to download 10 free images daily for personal or commercial use. Also, download unlimited public domain images. Currently, “to help you during these difficult times”, rawpixel is giving everyone unlimited downloads from its free collection. A nifty feature: check your downloads on your account page.

You don’t feel like browsing? Well, rawpixel’s images are very well organized. Search e.g. by artist or source. Selected images are available under the free membership plan (covering the free image collection and the public domain collection). Many beautiful images require you to have one of the paid plans, though.

Here’s a digitally enhanced free CCO image, Birds by William Morris (original from The Met Museum):

Image from rawpixel id 496047 jpeg(1)The image may be downloaded in different resolutions. But at over 21 MP, the greatest resolution is too big for the Deep Dream Generator.