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Source Challenge: Shoes

Shoes. They can be sensible, frivolous, fashionable, ugly, shiny, dirty, uncomfortable, bespoke, orthopedic, fetish, iconic and so much more. They’re made of all manner of materials, not just leather, synthetics, canvas or rubber. Get them from bargain bins, high-end shops, supermarkets or second-hand. Shoes come in all colors and shapes to meet your particular needs: wear slippers, boots, flip-flops, work shoes, sneakers, high heels, mocassins, sports shoes, and wear them with or without socks or panty hose.

With a special nod in the direction of shoe designers among us (Daniel Prust and his Vans competition entries), deep dream the shoes of your choice. The gallery below provides some CC0 images alongside one of Daniel Prust’s designs, but feel free to use your own source image. Post your dreams below!