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Style Image Overlay Tutorial

By Daniel W. Prust

Style Image Overlay: A fun way to get a new effect from your favorite style images is to use a free app like Photoshop Mix to layer two or more different style images over each other using the various “Blend” modes.

Step 1. Start a project with one of your favorite Style Images.

After you download the app and create your account (which won’t take long and is FREE), press the plus button on the left side of the home screen to start a new project (see step 1 visual









Step 2. Add a new layer using another one of your favorite style images

Pick one style image to start, then add another one by pressing the plus button above your current “image layer” on the right hand side of the screen (see step 2 visual).







Step 3. Click “Blend”

Choose your “Blend Mode” by clicking Blend at the bottom of the screen (see step 3 visual)








Step 4. Experiment with all the different Blend Modes.









The first of my style image layers used in this tutorial:









The second style image layer of mine used in this tutorial:








The final Style Image Overlay output: