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FreeStockTextures is a small site run by two design and web professionals who post-process their photos to create select texture images. Great news: You may use the lovely images for free, also for commercial purposes. To download more than five images a day (from a total of roughly 1,300), register with the site. This will allow you to download up to 50 images a day. Here’s a sample image:


Kaleider is a progam that lets you create nearly limitless kaleidoscope, 3D mirroring and funneling effects in images. You may choose any image on your computer to work with. Kaleider is available for windows (download the free trial version here) and as a free android app. Some good advice: To get the most out of Kaleider, read about the program’s myriad features here. You don’t feel like learning how to use the different mirroring options? […]

Mirror Lab

Mirror lab

Mirror Lab by ilixa is another free app for all Android users that offers various functions, notably fractalization. What’s especially good about this app is that you can take photos with your phone directly in the app. Then you can manipulate them, for example, make a fractal. This app could finally be the Android app most comparable to Frax for iOS! The slider settings give you enough leeway to adjust your fractal. Moreover, you can […]