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This waifu does not exist produces an endless stream of potential source images for deep dreaming. Create a new waifu (a fictional character, typically an anime, manga, or video game character that is attractive to the point of being considered a significant other) every time you refresh the website. Click on pause refresh at the bottom of a waifu page to read the little made-up story to the right of the face.

Waifu 1


Alternatively, call up a page of only faces in a large randomized grid. Also, enlarge a given waifu by mouse-over. Next, click on a face to open the example in a separate page. If you like the image, you can easily download it. Unfortunately, the images have a rather low resolution.

If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts behind the waifus created with a Generative Adversarial Network, here′s the scientific background plus plenty of interesting details. As with Thispersondoesnotexist, the idea is based on a paper by NVIDIA researchers (Karras et al.).

Mark Wacholtz has compiled a sample waifu gallery for Deep Dreamers. Enjoy dreaming with cute waifus!