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Upload an image with a file size of up to 20MB to the TiltShiftMaker website, and let the website create a “bokeh” effect, i.e. a selective focusing and defocusing of parts of the image.

The area and degree of defocusing can be adjusted using a slider to change both the uploaded image and the tilt-shift preview. Scroll down the page for handy how-to-use instructions.

To download the finished image in low resolution, simply click on the download button. Downloading high-resolution results (up to 21MP / 5700 pixel length/width) requires registration.

Here’s a sample image:

Blackberry 1
Blackberry 1 tiltshift

The resolution of the tilt-shift image produced for free option has a resolution of about 430KB compared to the 2.9MB-sized original.

If you want higher resolution images, register to use the service for one year at EUR 1 a month.