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What to Do With Your Deep Dream Art

You’ve probably wondered how to use your dreams outside of DDG. Some dreamers have been very inventive in making their art into various types of gifts or are even selling it. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Redreaming (see Daniel Zamir’s Redreaming Guide)
  • Creating daily dreams for your diary
  • Making a dream storybook
  • Creating wall art
  • Having dreams printed on
    • T-shirts and other textiles, such as pilows or throws
    • Mugs
    • Holiday ornaments
    • Gift cards, calendars, etc.
    • Personalized playing cards
    • Buttons, stickers, magnets, etc.
    • Laptop skins and stickers
    • Mouse pads
    • Phone cases
  • Using dreams digitally as
    • Wallpaper images for your computer
    • Screensaver images for Apple TV, Googles etc.
  • Using dreams as a template for tatoos

Various sites will offer you options to showcase dreams you wish to sell in artists’ galleries. These include the Canadian art print site Pictorem, the worldwide indie artist platforms Redbubble, Society 6 or Zazzle.

Before you brand the world with your favorite deep dream, be sure to check our our tips on post-processing your dreams to make them sellable, printable or gifttworthy (coming soon).